H810 -1.3 How does my situation relate to accessibility?

Hi, I’m an eLearning adviser for the JISC Regional Support Centre (RSC) in North West England. My job involves working with Further Education (FE) and sixth form colleges, advising, supporting and promoting the use of eLearning. This involves discovering and sharing best practice, developing forums,encouraging collaboration, promoting funding available and advising on a range of topics. I don’t have any direct contact with learners within this role, however I was previously an IT Trainer for the NHS, which involved working with learners directly as well as developing online materials. The reason why I have decided to start my MAODE with this course is because I think it will provide allot of practical knowladge in making education more accessible, not only for learners with disabilities, but for all. As this is my first OU course I am unsure quite what to expect, however I am looking forward to working with and learning from others on the course.


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