Wk 2 Activity 1.1 Activities that might be challenging for students who have disabilities

My job involves informing staff from colleges and sixth forms about a range of elearning issues and resources.  This includes often includes face to face training in various computer rooms which we hire out, as well as online materials and training.   The following list highlights some of the activities related to face to face and online training, which may be challenging for learners who have disabilities.  As the training i’m involved with usually requires computer use, most of these activities which are challenging for online training, are also challenging for face to face training.

Online or Face to Face
Using screen readers which are unable to
make sense of images and website components
Online and face to face
Visual impairment, Dyslexia
Using a computer desk in training rooms not set up for wheelchair users
Face to Face
Physically impaired
Listening to podcasts
Online and Face to Face
Hearing impaired
Using a computer in a training room which is not set up with accessible features, and doesn’t allow the instillation of these features.
Face to Face
learners with visual impairments & dyslexic learners who use screen readers, learners with physical impairments who require on screen accessible keyboards.
Trying to deceiver a crowded and over complex website
visual, cognitive, or motor disabilities
Keeping up with a synchronous chat room
Any impairment that makes it difficult to use a computer at high speed

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