Week 3 activity 2.1 Roles and responsibilities

Although the JISC RSC NW is hosted by Lancaster University, we have never been given any indication that training or training materials produced by the RSC have to meet any policies set by the university, however the RSC is committed to demonstrating good practice thoroughout the process of running training sessions and making training materials available.

The RSC has an eLearning advisor for inclusion who has a responsibility for assessing the accessibility issues related to any hardware or software which may be used during a training session or used to develop training materials.  `

The RSC does not have its own training venues.  The training we provide is in venues accross the North West such as colleges or other learning providers or conference rooms such as hotels.  The events coordinator visit a number of venues throughout the year to determine their suitability.   This includes checking on room layout, connectivity as well as accessibility.  For hands on practical workshops, the advisor who is running the event is responcible for visiting the venue beforehand to ensure everything meets the reqirements of that course.  They may be joined by the eLearning advisor for inclusion who would be specificly looking for any barriers to accessibility.  The admin team are responsible for advertising and taking booking for sessions.  This is all done online or over the phone.  The online booking form has a section for  Special requirements. These requirements are taken into account by the admin team along with the adviser running the course.  In the past this has included providing a signer for a deaf learner.  The majority of our training sessions or workshops involve hands on activitiys using computers.  We often use a range of laptops, Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs) and desktop computers which deligates can use according to their needs and preferences.   On the day of the training session the events coordinator and lead advisor take responcibility for ensuring everyone signs in and can access their materials.  The lead advisor and events coordinatior will also work with a member of staff from the venue to, who will be avalable throughout the day to take care of any uinexpected issues that may arise, as well as confirming housekeeping procedures such as fire drills and toilets.


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