Week 3 Activity 3.1Disability awareness training

I do not recall having any specific disability awareness training in my current position or my previous position as an IT Trainer for the NHS.  The most memorable peice of disbility awareness training I undertook was several years ago, when I started working an NHS Trust who worked with individuals with severe learning difficulties.  This training looked at the history of societies treatment of those with mental health issues as well as the behaviour you may experience while working in that environment.   The training and discussion during this session was extremely frank, honest and enlightening.  

Since then I have been involved in a number of training events which have indirectly raised awareness of accessibility issues.  These include training for accessibility software, which highlighted the fact that some people with visual impairments such as tunnel vision, require text to be smaller than usual.


One response to “Week 3 Activity 3.1Disability awareness training

  1. Hi Kevin,

    I agree too. At my Institution Disability Awareness Training is patchy to say the least.

    Technologists are “encouraged” (if there is enough funding!) to attend various accessibility workshops – but there are usually sessions where “compliance” is the main aim. Design some content, and then make it “compliant”.

    New academics are offered the chance to attend a New Academics Programme where accessibility, elearning and disabled learners are core components.

    Each Faculty and School has a Disability Support Office advisor who generally look after the departments disabled learners.

    There are definitely pockets of awareness training, but by no means promoted centrally by the institution.

    It’s almost as if, if your aware of disability issues, you’ll find the training – but I guess it’s those who are not who would most benefit!!



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