Week 3 Activity 3.2 Disability awareness reflection

The RSC NW has a relatively small number of staff and has never offered any formal training in disability awareness, however the presence our eLearning advisor for inclusion has had a large impact on raising everyone’s awareness of barriers to accessibility and how to overcome them.  I do believe that there is an opportunity to be proactive and raise the awareness of staff by utilising the training and resources of our host learning provider Lancaster University, including making staff aware of its Disability Equality Scheme (DES) and related policies.  


Of the resources listed during this exercise I feel an activity workbook, similar to the self-paced training manual for staff at The University of Waikato  would be of use as the exercises involved would make individuals consider the issues more than a relatively un-interactive document such as LSN document  Do you have a disability – yes or no? Or is there a better way of asking? (Rose, 2005).  However I due to the high level of IT literacy within our team I feel that an interactive, online version of an activity workbook would be beneficial.  This could include an embedded version of the WebAIM: Keeping Web Accessibility in Mind Video (WebAIM, 2008) and links to resources available on the Techdis website.


One response to “Week 3 Activity 3.2 Disability awareness reflection

  1. Kev

    I’ve downloaded the pdf and think that’s a great idea. Will get onto it!


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