Week 4 activity 2.1- Financial support for students

In the UK the main financial support available for disable learners is the Disabled Student’s Allowance which are grants available to disabled students in Full or Part time Higher education.  These grants are not available for learners who are eligible for equivalent funding through the NHS bursary scheme, an equivalent bursary from the learning provider,  an equivalent bursary from the learning provider or an equivalent social work bursary from the NHS Business Services Authority.  The amount available from a Disabled Student’s Allowance is not dependent on household income and is not repayable like other funding available for students. The funding is dependant on the needs of the individual and weather the course is full or part time.

These grants are not available to students in further education.  The direct.gov.uk website specifies that learning support for FE students should be paid for by the learning provider and personal and medical care should be arranged through the local health authority or social services department.  The National Union of Students (NUS) are  running a prioritycampaign looking at funding and support available for disabled students
“One of our major concerns is that providers may have created barriers to disabled students’ participation in FE due to a lack of clarification regarding agency responsibility, including the absence of a specialised system of funding support for disabled students.” (http://www.nus.org.uk/en/Campaigns/Disability/Disabled-students-in-further-education/)


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