Week 5 activity 1.1 Access to teaching

We have been asked to review several pages of Making Your Teaching Inclusive (2006) and comment on the effectiveness of the suggestions made in relation to different situations.  The site is aimed at teaching staff in higher education institutions in England and Wales.
This site begins by pointing out that you may have a student that has a hidden disability which is not immediately obvious.  It suggests you become aware of common barriers to learning and what anticipatory actions you can take to overcome these.  Many of the recommended actions are based on the assumptions that you are aware of any disabled learners within a group, and they are happy to discuss ways of removing barriers.  The recommended actions include a number of actions which are general good teaching practice, not just important for accessibility, such as identifying learning objectives and good use of PowerPoint.  There may be times when requirements of the course specify an activity that may not be reasonably within the abilities of certain students such as climbing a tree to be a tree surgeon or identifying the sounds of different animals.  It may be necessary to discuss these requirements with the awarding body rather than the member of teaching staff.


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