H810: Week 7 Activity 6 Experiences of useing assistive technology

Léonie, who is blind, explains that flash content is particularly inaccessible for screen readers. She finds most multimedia content inaccessable.  Her advise for web designers is to have a clear title, give images detailed alt text that can be read by screen readers and good use of headings.

A number of the videos stress how assistive technology such as screen readers and magnifiers have supported independance for learners.

John Klatt (http://www.doit.wisc.edu/accessibility/video/screen_magnification.asp) discussed the experiences of using a screen magnifier.  He explains that the screen has to be magnified so much it can be difficult to navigate.  He said symbols, colours and blocks of text on the screen can be useful to identify different types of information.  He benefits from having extra space between letters.

Natacha (http://www.skillsforaccess.org.uk/casestudies.php?id=128) explains the impact of web design on someone with dyslexia.  She finds it hard to use websites which are difficult to navigate, with lots of text, or with a complecated background.  She apreciates websites which alows the user to change font sizes, and good use of multimedia


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