Week 8 activity 2.1 Alternative Formats

On-line Text

Text is the most common form of on-line resource.  This can be as part of a downloadable document such as a pdf, or word document, or as a text component of a website or VLE.  Text can cause barriers for dyslexic learners or those with visual impairments.  A range of screen readers are available which can help overcome these barriers, as well as options to modify the size, colour and font of the text either by using the built in features of the application or browser, or by using additional tools such as the techdis toolbar.



A number of colleges are using audio files including podcasts, which learners can listen to online, or download and listen to on a range of devises.  This causes difficulties for a  learners with hearing impairments.  Text alternatives would beneficial.  This can be easy to produce from a technical point of view but can take along time to produce. Particularly to retrospectively transcribe a large number of long audio files.


Interactive quizzes

There are several methods of creating online quizzes such as multi choice quizzes, missing word quizzes and crosswords.  These can be created by most VLEs, or by applications such as Hot potatoes and eXe. These are not flash based and the font sized and colours can be modified for dyslexic learners or learners with visual impairments.  Although screen readers can read the text, the interactive features of these quizzes can cause problems, so non interactive text alternatives can be beneficial.


I need to do some more research into who is responsible for checking the quality of alternative resources.


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