Week 9 Activity 1.1

Here are the elements raised in chapter 4 in” elearning and Disability in Higher Education” along with some notes:

Issues cited:
absence of consistent and clear functions related to items within the courseware (Luke 2002)
difficulties in navigating to and from the pages or links which are launched from the central courseware (Stiles 2001);
lack of, or unclear, help messages (Luke 2002, Stiles 2001)

Current courseware is teacher centric but there is a move toward learner focused systems such as eportfolios.

Library resources
Poorly designed library databases

Text documents
PDF files were largely inaccessible before version 4. By version 5 accessibility features were built in.


Presentation Applications

Potentially an “Accessibility nightmare” but accessible alternatives can be created using Office accessibility wizard or creating text versions.


Make use of captions and transcripts.
Continued versions of flash and Java have become increasingly accessible.


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