Week 9 Activity 2.1 Reviewing Accessibility Checklists

 Accessible Digital Media: Design Guidelines for Electronic Publications, Multimedia and the Web provides a comprehensive list of guidelines with links to further resources.  The language is generaly easy to understand however some of the more complex features mentioned would not be universally understood



  • Images 
    Use ALT and Longdesc attibutes.
    some complecated terminology”Avoid using server-side image maps”

  • Forms
    Label all form elements and controls so they can be recognized by assistive technology, such as a screen reader.

  • Tables
    Links to further advice
    Use HTLM code to corredctly markup the table
  • Digital  Publications
    Some ebooks/digital books are more accessible than others
    Maths and science books harder to produce in braille
    Most adio format is linier but digitals is easier to bokmark
    The Microsoft Reader is entirely inaccessible to screen readers but comes with a text-to-speech feature 
    ebooks are more accessable on computer than mobile device as they can use screen readers
  • Graphs
    Use text alternatives, or tactile graphs
    Scalable Vector Graphics (SGV) are more accessible
    alow graphs to be printed
    Allow users the change line width
  • Interactivity
    Ensure that all actions can be completed from the keyboard.
    Present information in ways that are accessible to both blind and deaf users.
    Allow users to customize any timing of events
    Provide features that allow users to access multiple sources of information separately when they are delivered simultaneously.
    Provide a simpler version of any screen with complex backgrounds.

  • Maths
    Allow all expressions to be enlarged on screen.
    Ensure that users with visual impairments can read scientific and mathematical expressions and that users with visual impairments and with physical impairments can write expressions.
    Use MathML to provide access to scientific and mathematical expressions
    Use LaTeX to provide access to scientific and mathematical expressions.
    Use prerecorded audio to read static scientific and mathematical expressions
    Use concatenated speech strings for simple scientific and mathematical expressions.
    Create scientific and mathematical expressions scripts using guidelines for spoken mathematics.

  • Multimedia
    Add audio descriptions to multimedia presentations.
    Add audio descriptions to movies using MAGpie.
    Integrate audio descriptions into multimedia presentations using SMIL.
    Embed audio-description tracks in QuickTime movies

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative Guidelines(W3C, 2008)
I found this site rather cluttered and harder to navigate. I found the 10 top tips consise and useful 

Video Screen Readers and the Web (University of Wisconsin, 2008)
This video gave a clear explanation of what a screen reader is, what can be done to make websites accessible for screen readers with examples of good and bad practice.

  • Use alt text on images
  • Alt text for buttons should include function rather than what it looks like.
  • Use D-Link to text for longer descriptions
  • check a page by loading without images or useing a text browser such as Lynx
  • Marking up headers correctly improves accessibility

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