Week 10 Activity 3.1, Reflections

Why did you choose the particular topic?

Although we are not going to be asesed on the content, I wanted to create a learning object for a genuine course delivered by the learning providers I support.  A-Level biology is avalable at many of the Sixth form colleges I support.

Why did you include particular elements?
Some elements were dictated within the requirements of the activity such as the table and links, while others were based on pedagogic conciderations such as the inclusion of an revision quiz
I wanted to create the resource using an easy to use, open source, content creation tool.  The final choice was between eXe and Xerte.  Although I am more experienced in using eXe, I chose Xerte as I felt the final package would be more accessible.

What guidelines did you refer to when creating the resource?

I referred to a wide range of guidelines including:

What areas were particularly difficult and why do you think this to be the case?
Creating an interactive quiz was difficult because the interactivity causes many accessibility problems.  I could not find many guidelines on how to deal with this. The flash presentation I eventualy used is a compromise between accesibility and an interactive quiz for all.

I also had difficulty meeting the guidelines for using video.  Although I could add subtitles to a youtube version of the video, I could not find a way of embedding the youtube video in an accessable, keyboard controlled player, which kept the subtitle function.

I think both of these activities were difficult as I was trying to meet many accessable and pedagogical requirements.


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