Week 13 Activities 1.5 & 2.1

Activity 1.5

All FE colleges have to have a  Disability Equality Scheme (DES)  as a requirement of the  Disability Equality Duty (DED) (2006).  The DES for Kendal Colleghe is an example of this http://www.kendal.ac.uk/general_documents/disability%20equality%20scheme.pdf along with it’s corosponding action plan http://www.kendal.ac.uk/general_documents/Disability%20equality%20scheme%20action%20plan.pdf.

This scheme is prodiced by working group which is headed by the Head of Business Development and Client Services, and includes a number of the senior management team.
Their website highlights their commitment to include disabled learners in any decision making processes:
Consulting with Disabled Learners 
We are very keen to involve disabled learners in our decision-making processes at the college. You can get involved by attending focus groups, talking to your personal tutor about issues that affect you or informing Student Services about improvements we can make. The more you work with us, the more we can ensure our college practices reflect equality for disabled learners.
Activity 2.1
What action has been taken to make sure that disabled students are able to take part in the same non-teaching activities as other students?
As an example, Kendal colleges website includes a number of ways disabled students are encouraged to participate. these include technical solutions such as hearing loops and equipment available, as well as less technical support from the Study Services tutor. 

What other action could be taken?
The website does not make it clear how assistive technologies, which are available to disabled learners, can be accessed by non disabled learners who may benefit from them.  This includes features such as screen readers and roaming profiles.

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