Notes on Ch. 12

Seale identifies six potential areas for conflict or contradiction within an organisation or activity system. What potential contradictions exist in your organisation and why?

I have observed a number of conflicts and contradictions within the FE community these include investing time, money and resources to ensure content is accessable for all or the bulk of accessibility resources are focused on those regocnised as disabled.

How helpful is it to conceptualise the development of accessibility within your organisation as an activity system?

I found the activity system model to be overly complex and confusing when applied to the accessibility of elearning within an FE environment. I feel a simpler and clearer model could be useful for analysing components and relationships related to elearning which incorpeated accessibility.
Identify three issues that are of most relevance or of most interest to you
  • Novice and expert behaviour
  • Division of labour
  • Contradictions in the elearning system

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