Wk 1 Act 5 the net generation

Notes on Interview with Dr Gregor Kennedy, http://learn.open.ac.uk/mod/oucontent/view.php?id=205928, about “the Net Generation”

1982 = start of the net generation
Discussions in focus groups of 6-10 students, and one to one interviews for distance learners.
Not all students aware of the technologies. “What is a blog?”
“these core sets of technologies that most students have access to – things like using the web for general information, or using instant messaging, or mobile phone communication. And beyond that there’s this great diversity,”
“There’s a raft of core technologies where students and staff show similar profiles, and there are technologies where the students that are using them are showing more familiarity with them. So that these are more the Web 2 technologies. But underneath all that is that only a small proportion of students are actually using them. So of the 15–20% of students who are using, or are familiar with, a particular Web 2 technology, they might be more familiar than the four or five staff that are using them.”

Notes on First year students’ experiences with technology: Are they really digital natives?
“Digital Natives are said to prefer receiving information quickly; be adept at processing information rapidly; prefer multi-tasking and non-linear access to information; have a low tolerance for lectures; prefer active rather than passive learning, and rely heavily on communications technologies to access information and to carry out social and professional interactions (Prensky 2001a, 2001b; Oblinger, 2003; Gros, 2003; Frand, 2000).”

Kvavik (2005) surveyed 4,374 freshman and senior college students and found they were frequent users of email, instant messaging, word processing and Internetbrowsing and this use varied by students’ majors.”

While 31% of students indicated that they would like ‘extensive’ use of technology in
the classroom, 26% of students said they would prefer classes with ‘limited’ or ‘no’

The paper has statistics on ho musch access students have to, and use they make of various technology.

The paper only focuses on 1st year students.


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