Week 1- A8a: Formal learning

Try to think back to the first time you were a student after leaving school. You might have been at college or university, studying full time or part time. What resources (human or otherwise) and technologies were you expected to use?

Technology or resource

Used as expected by teachers?

Enjoyed using? Gained most benefit from using?

Studied as an individual or with a group?

Who had control over when and where the technology or resource was used?

Opportunities for flexibility in time and place of studying?

Any use of similar technologies or resources in another context?

Recommended Books

Yes. Used as a valuable resource

Usually used and enjoyed a lot

Mostly individual but discussed as a group

Whoever was quickest to get to the library

As long as you can get the book from the library of bookshop then very flexible

I still have some of those books and sporadically refer to them

recommended journal articles


Good resource but often took a lot of time to find

Mostly individual but discussed as a group

Library opening times

Library opening times

Now make a lot more use of online journals and paper based from a smaller number of journals

Videos in classroom session

Difficult to follow and make notes simultaneously

Enjoyed watching but not sure how much information was retained

Watched as a group

The lecturer


Since made good use of online videos with transcript

Notes copied from overhead projector

We were told to listen to the lecture rather than franticly copy notes from the overhead, but that was not practical as we needed these notes to pass.

Hated using, although necessary as we had no alternative

As a group

Deepened if you could keep up and copy content down before the slide changed

Getting copys of notes from a friend who could write quicker



Sometimes. There were a few courses where I missed lectures because I found then too easy and some where I went every week but found it too difficult and couldn’t keep up

When I was younger I really needed these lectures as they were similar to what I was used to at school. The older I got the more demanding I became regarding good quality lectures with a range of styles


The Timetable


Yes, but have become more chosy about what I attend, as my time is more important to me now.


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