week 1 A8b: Informal learning

think about recent learning activities that you have undertaken that are not necessarily linked to a formal institutional context

Technology or resource

How was enquiry or activity initiated?

Used as directed by others or self- determined?

Gained most benefit from using?

Learned individually or with a group?

Who controlled use of the technology or resource?

Any use of similar technologies or resources in another context?

Text converted to mp3 & listened to on ipod

Suggested by a friend

Combination of methods tried

Found really useful


I did, as long as I could convert the text

Used ipod, which I use a lot for music

Microblog discussions

Suggested by a friend

Joined in as and when it was relevant

With a group

Required participation from all involved

Use mobile phone and computer technology

Online Mind Maps

Discovered through work

Self directed


I did


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