Wk 1- A9: Reflecting upon and learning from your experiences

  1. To what extent have the teaching practices you encountered and your own ways of behaving as a learner influenced the ways in which you now support the learning of others?
    The bad experiences have really stuck with me and lead to my current job as an elearning advisor

  2. How have your practices (as a learner and/or as a supporter of learning) changed over time, particularly in terms of your use of various digital technologies and resources?
    I have become alot more demanding as a learner, thinking more like a customer of a service rather than blindly doing what I am told.  I expect content to be avalable in a format suitable to me and to have the opportunity to learn with and from others on the course.  Technology can enable this.
  3. Can you derive any useful lessons from your personal experiences about the impact of technologies upon teaching and learning practices?
    Students expect a range of teaching styles and resources, one size fits all does not work.  students are valuble resources for each other and the teacher


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