Wk 2 A1: We participate therefore we are?

Notes on webcast by John Seely Brown, Independent Co-Chairman of the Deloitte Center for Edge Innovation. about the value of group work

Your work so far on H800 includes some individual reading and viewing/listening. Does Brown’s argument imply that this is less valuable than your group work?
As I understand it, individual reading is neccercary to provide nther knowladge, however the discussion that follows develops understanding

What are the implications of his argument for your own use of technology – in your own learning and teaching?

I have developed a number of short self directed VLE modules about useing technology fo teaching.  Because these are courses which can be dipped in and out of at any time, it would be difficult to make use of synchronous discussion however I may now look at making more use of asynchronous discussions.

Part of my job involves delivering staff devlopment about various types of technology.  I have moved away from just showing a large number of resources in a short time, to showing fewer and then getting the groups to discuss how these technologies can be used.


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