Wk 2 A10- reflecting on the differences

Define Distance Learning
Distance learning refers to a learning process in which the teacher and student are seperated either geographicly or by time or by a combination of the two.
‘The considered opinion of many leaders of distance education in Brazil is that the new law treats distance learning “as a shadow of conventional learning”’ (p.681).

Why, in your experience, do some critics have this opinion? How can criticisms of distance education be answered, in your own context?

As an elearning advisior I have come across many objections to elearning which could be applied to distance learning:

“I don’t like it, therefore it is a waste of time”
I am supprised by how many times i hear variations on this argument. Many of those who work in the education sector have succeded by working their way throughg the traditional educational system.  For the majority of these people traditional education may work better, however there are many learners who do denefit from distance learning, either because of their personal situaltion, their prefferences or learning styles.

“Distance Learning can’t replicate what happens in a classroom”

Although there are a number of distance courses that do try to replicate what goes on in a classroom, I think distance/elearning courses work best when they take advantage of what can’t be replicated in a classroom for example, encourageing discussions with a wider diversity of students than you would get in a classroom based course, or making use of electronic resources and simulations which would be difficult to replicate in a classroom


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