Wk 2 A9: Identifying the factors underpinning the practices

Based on the brazillian quality bechmarks for elearning: http://learn.open.ac.uk/mod/oucontent/view.php?id=188811&section=3
and the ficticious vignette: The academic life of Maria Teresa: an undergraduate Brazilian student

In the context of the vignette, how do these practices compare with more conventional face-to-face learning?

The practicies appear to be technology enhanved versions of traditional face to face systems.. Video lectures in stead of face to face lectures, face to face interactions with other students supplimented by discussion forums.

Which quality benchmarks embedded in their course design and teaching approach can you identify?

How does the Pitágoras University vignette illustrate the benchmarks applied in practice?

Communication systems
The facilitator moderates the students’ questions, which are sent by email via the university’s virtual learning environment,
she logs on to the internet and participates in the discussion forum.
Course material
“The students receive printed materials for each course and are requested to read the content of the lecture prior to the live broadcast.”
She also discusses with her colleagues the feedback she had from the tutor on her assignments.
Multidisciplinary course team
In the studio, there are three people: the tutor, a facilitator and a production technician.
Support infrastructure
Maria Teresa enjoys the face-to-face gatherings at the regional centre. She thinks it is an opportunity to interact with her colleagues and to ask questions of the tutor
Financial sustainability
She borrows books from the library and uses the university’s printing facilities, which are available at more affordable prices than in the printing shops in the high street.

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