Week 5 Activity 1: Forms of expression

This activity builds on the paper Of mind and media and looks at the impact of working with different presentation media.


My personal preference for taking in information is for audio or video content with a text transcript.  I find the audio or video content useful to initially understand the information as I find it easier to follow and am less likely to miss key points.  This may be because allot of my studying takes place in the evening after work and I can sometimes be too tired to read and take in large amounts of text. I follow this up with reading the transcript which I can annotate and review specific sections.  This is because the text can clarify what I may have originally heard and I can quickly search the text for specific sections.
In the FE sector there appears to be a resistance to use technology for teaching A-Level courses.  One of the reasons given for this is the fact that the students must complete a hand written exam at the end.  In vocational subjects there is a wider variety of student created content including photographs and video used as evidence.  A short video of a student building a wall can demonstrate the students skills and is quicker and easier for the student than writing a report on how to build a wall.  The increase in budget camcorders, mobile phone technology and cheap netbooks with built in web cams have made it easier for students to create their own video content.

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