Wk 10 A1: Have you edited Wikipedia?

For this activity I read the guardian article “How I fell in love with Wikipedia”  by Nicholson Baker

Is there anything new for you in the article? Does it make you more or less likely to consult Wikipedia, or does it make no difference?
Although this article made me aware of the subculture of editors and groups who are passionate about maintaining wikipedia, the only section that I found of particular interest was the fact that wikipedia absorbed articles from a number of existing resources already in the public domain.  I don’t think the article has made me more or less inclined to use it.

If you have used Wikipedia in the past few weeks – whether for H800 or for other reasons – review your use of it.
A few days ago I went for a walk around Thirlmere reservoir in the lake district, the next day I looked on google maps to find out more about the area.  In google maps there is a ‘more’ option which I used to show photos and wikipedia articles about the area.  The articles provided further information about the reservoir and surrounding mountains.
Also over the weekend I watched an old TV show all though one of the major characters was no longer in it.  I checked up on wikipedia to find out what had happened to that character.

Where have you found it most and least valuable?
I find wikipedia useful for looking up fun, trivial pieces of information such as what happened to a character in a tv show.  The fact that it is rapidly updated makes it useful for checking things which may have been recently updated.  I also find it a useful starting point when finding out about cities and countries I am interested in visiting.  I would use it as a starting point for more detailedresearch, although only as a starting point as I never assume that what is in wikipedia is correct.

Why is a Wikipedia entry not generally regarded as acceptable as a reference in an academic journal?
“As with any source, especially one of unknown authorship, you should be wary and independently verify the accuracy of Wikipedia information if possible
.” taken from the wikipedia article on citing wikipedia
The main reason wikipedia is not accepted as an acceptable reference, is because the content is generally not verified.

How does your use of Wikipedia compare with, say, your use of Google or GoogleScholar?
I generally use google to search for specific websites, rather than information while I use google scholar or educational research, while wikipedia I use as a source of information for more generic and trivial information.


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