Wk 10 Act 2 an alternative to wikipedia

In this activity I have been comparing Wikipedia to Citizendium
Citizendium is similar to Wikipedia although it has stricter editing controls.  Here are some of the differences:

Wikipedia Citizendium
Anyone can be an Administrator Constables (equivalent of administrators)  must be over 25 with a bachelors degree
Administrators have powers to make editorial decisions Constables oversee behavior, editors oversee content
Editors can be anonymous Editors must use real names
The nature of Wikipedia means vandalism and disruption can and does happen Citizendium has a zero tolerance to disruption
Adminitrators and content Constables are held to a conflict of interest policy.
All editors are equal irrespective of age, qualifications or experience. Editors who are recognized experts in their field have more rights than the average user
Policy changes are partly based on consensus Policy decisions are increasingly made by representatives and plebiscites, not “consensus.”
2,722,951 articles as of 2nd of February 2009. 12000 Articles (approx )

The policies of Citizendium imply a greater respect to authority, experience and qualifications than Wikipedia.


4 responses to “Wk 10 Act 2 an alternative to wikipedia

  1. Hi, I thought I’d drop by and say hello.

    Excellent table. I didn’t spot that Constables had to be over 25. It’s a shame that Citizendium has relatively few articles on it still.


    • kevhickeyuk

      Hi Sharon,

      I can’t help thinking that citizendium will always be a tiny site in comparison with wikipeadia. For all the problems with wikieadia, generally it works and works really well. I head a great quote about wikepeadia once “the problem with it is, it only works in practice, not in theory” sorry I don’t know whose quote it is

  2. Emma Nugent

    Hi Kevin
    I really like your comparison table. I was struggling to put it in such a tidy nutshell.
    Emma (from Lesley’s group on H800)

    • kevhickeyuk

      Hi Emma, Thanks for your comments. I am glad you liked the table. i’m not sure I got all the important points in there but I got enough in there

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