Wk 10 A8/9 Repurposing content at OpenLearn

For this activity I repurposed  a course from open learn entitled “Effective ways of displaying information” (http://labspace.open.ac.uk/GSG_5_1.0) and produced a very short course entitled “Time series line graphs for sports centre employees”(http://labspace.open.ac.uk/GSG_5_2.0).

Following the instructions to make a copy of the original course wasn’t too difficult, although as I was repurposing the copy, there was part of me that was paranoid that I had done something wrong and was destroying the original. I have a fair bit of experience creating and editing moodle courses so I did not find the technical side of things too difficult.  Choosing to tailor the content for sports centre staff meant that I didn’t have to change too much of the text, although I did change the examples from ‘Number of staff in a company’ to ‘Weight loss’ and ‘Number of customers at an exercise class’.  I found it easier to print off the exercise and make notes on what I wanted to change rather than doing it directly on screen (perhaps I am not as digital literate as I like to think I am).  The main issue with changing the examples was I had to change the graphs that went with them.  I created new graphs in powerpoint, saved the slides as Jpg images and uploaded them to the moodle course.

I am fairly happy that the repurposed course meets the objective of being relevant to sports centre staff, however I appreciate that I had an advantage in being able to make up my target audience while browsing the courses.


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