Wk 11 Act 1 (A&B)- the classic debate

Based on a debate of the motion”This house believes the continuing introduction of new technologies and new media adds little to the quality of most education.”

A-     Jotting down some thoughts
I would have to vote against the notion as I believe that although not all technologies (ok most) are used to their full potential, I think that useing a wide range of up to date technologies widens the opportunities for learner and gives them a greater preparation for life beyond the classroom.

B- The opening remarks
The Proposers opening remarks
In his opening statement the proposer identified areas where technology hs transformed human life singling out education as an exception.  He goes on to single out the open university as an exception but agues that all too often technology is seen as an add on for education which can magicly produce the success of “higher volume, consistent quality, lower cost”.
The oppositions opening remarks
The opposition immediately claries his postion with the statement “new technologies and new media do make a significant contribution to the quality of education, at least under certain circumstances.”  He goes on to cite some seemingly conflicting reports.  He discusses why the finings from these reports may not be as clear cut as they first seam
The moderators opening remarks
The Moderator opens by inviting questions and restating the proposition and goes on to propose brader questions such as  “[Could] technology could in principle be a vital source of advancement in learning-if only it was to be implemented with enough brilliance and resources.” The moderators questions are quite leading  and appear to be questioning the opposition more than the proposal.

To some extent I feel the proposer and opposition bith try to prempt the potential counter arguments.
Going by these introductions I suppose my vote would change to no because so far there seems to be a strong argument that Technology could improve education, but generally doesn’t.


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