Wk 11 Act 3 C- Reading the Rebutals

The Proposer’s rebuttal
The proposer  initially cites an article about the use of technology as well as the oppositions opening statement, claiming they share a nuanced style in which the benifits of technology are discussed in potential and exceptions.  He goes on to answer a question from a contributor about the type of technology being discussed.  Throughout his rebuttal he unpicks the oppositions opening statement and point out that they are have the same opinion that the technology has the positional to make a major improvement, however this does not mean that they are making an improvement.
The Oppositions Rebuttal
In his rebuttal, Dr Kozma appears to come out fighting, claiming the research results clearly support his argument (although I feel that contradicts his opening comments in which he said there was confusion over what factors affected research results).  He highlights two cases studies where technology has made a difference.  He clearly makes the point that in these cases , well trained teachers work with the technology and can improve results.  However I don’t think he sufficiently answered the argument because he talks about specific case studies rather than the overall situation the motion suggests.
The Moderators rebuttal remarks
The moderator comments that the rebuttals may be stronger than the opening statements and notes that in the opening statement it looked like the two parties were in danger of agreeing.  There is some discussion of definitions and separating quantity from quality. He sums up by questioning the strength of the opposition.


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