Wk 11 A1f Discussing the debate

Is knowledge advanced by these means?

Yes I think looking at topics like this in the form of a game (which is what I feel the debate is) does provide the opportunity and incentive to research and present detailed information which advances knowledge

Darling-Hammond said: ‘It seems to me that both Houses are right. And it appears that, in many ways, both Houses actually agree.’ Do you agree with her?

In the early stages of the debate it did appear that they were both arguing that technology has the potential to improve education in conjunction with good teaching practices and practitioners.

Do you think the debate was affected by the electronic format?

I think having the debate electronically, rather than face to face meant that all point could be considered and reflected upon.

Were you surprised by the results?

I wasn’t suppressed as I felt the opposition had the stronger case but for me the proposer made the better argument, which is why I think it was such a close call.  I guess this highlights a problem with a debate of this kind.  The outcome can depend on the quality of the debater rather than the quality of their argument.


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