Wk 13/14 A3c comparison

The following questions are based on student interviews from the course Software requirements for business systems

  1. Does the interview data offer a different perspective from Minocha and Thomas?
    Absolutely, it highlights how artificial the activity was and how this limited its use

“The other thing is that we were being assessed on our contribution, so that puts a bit of pressure on you to say something first. In an actual working environment it does not matter who picks up that something is a duplicate requirement as long as someone picks it up”

  1. Does it affect your perception of how the wiki functioned in any way?

Yes, particularly as it defeats the main objective to “emulate requirements engineering practice”

  1. Does it provide more documentation of the student experience?

This direct first hand student voice is alot more powerful and gives alot more information than the report which has been interpreted and filtered by the authors

  1. If you had access to accounts of learner experience for a course you were responsible for, would you be able to make direct use of those accounts in revising your course?

    Absolutely, the learner should be the main focus of a learning activity and their input essential, if not for modifying the current course then for adapting it for future cohorts.

  2. What other data might you benefit from?

Data such as retention rates and pass rates are also a useful indicator of course interest and relevance.


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