Wk 17 A1a: What kind of vision of students?

Consider the overall impression this video creates and jot down your feelings about the student life it portrays.

It suggests student life is busy with students multitasking and making decisions about what to study and what not to study in order to get everything done.  It also suggests there is a gap between traditional teaching and the real world

What images are brought together in the portrayal of the empty lecture theatre What message do they convey to you?

The images of the empty lecture theatre bring to mind an out of date didactic style of teaching (not necessarily learning).  It reminded me of my first year at uni, sat at the back of the class, not paying much attention to that was going on at the front.

What message do you take from this sequence?

Students multitask, they have to.

Finally, watch the conclusions from the point when the following text appears on screen: ‘Some have suggested that technology can save us …’

What message does this conclusion lead you towards?

Technology on its own is not a magic wand that can magically cure all problems faced by students


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