wk 17 A3: Thinking about the issues (take 2)

  1. Do you think these issues are representative of the broader picture of technology adoption in universities?

From my point of view as a student on this course I did recognise some of the issues from both the video and the article. So I guess they do highlight some of the broader issues.

My professional experience is with the Further Education sector (16-19 year olds) rather than the H.E. Sector.  I felt the video represented learners from this sector than the article. Particularly the issues of being expected to learn in environments which do not relate to the real world.  I think that the requirements of certain qualifications, curriculums and exams have allot to do with this

  1. What issues would you personally identify as problems associated with the use of digital and networked technologies in education (either in your practice or more generally)?

I have chosen some issues which may be specific to the FE sector

–          Technology not being seen as suitable preparation for hand written exams

–          Security and safety concerns about letting younger students have access to various parts of the internet

–          Staff/institutions unwilling to relinquish control, by using technologies that students may feel more comfortable with than staff.

–          Staff not having time to get comfortable with using new technologies


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