wk 17 A4: Oversold and underused?

For this activity we read New Technologies in Old Universities buy Cuban

What access to technology did the students and professors have at Stanford?

Cuban describes Stanford Universities centre for research development and teaching department wich was fitted out in the 1960’s with Cameras, Video recorders,  monitors, and a type of student voting system.  Through the 1980’s and 1990s there has been investment in personal computers and network infrastructure

What kinds of teaching does Cuban describe?

The data from 1968 suggests that the majority of the lessons at this time were large lectures with discussion.

The survy results from the mid 1990s suggest an increase in the use of student presentations however traditional teaching styles were still staples.

The technology did seem to be used more for administration and research than teaching

Do you believe this kind of teaching is reflective of teaching in university today (either in general or related to your own experience)?

Again I’ll answer this from the point of view of Further Education.  The technologies purchased by Stanford University reflect technologies used in FE today, although the voting kits are now handheld, the videos cameras are lilely to be built into a mobile phone and thelarge monitors are now plasma screens.

Reading through this chapter I was reminded of the influx of interactive whiteboards in colleges that occurred in the 1990’s and 2000’s.  Many people now see this as a waste of time and money as they are often unused to their full potential.  I think a large part of this is to due with the investment being in hardware rather than staff development.    There is sometimes a gap between those making the decisions about buying equipment and those useing it, which can lead to a lack of use.

The chapter suggests that academics generally embrace technology for areas such as research or home life, despite a lack of take up of educational technologies.  I wonder if this is due to different drivers?  Home and research technologies make life noticeably easier for the academic, however the educational technologies may be more beneficial to the students they teach.


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