Wk 19 A2: MAODE students and mobile devices


Based on Going with the grain: mobile devices in practice

Of the various interviewees in the paper – Interviewee A, B, C, etc. – whose account do you find most interesting, or most relevant to your own personal or professional life, and why? You could start at the section headed ‘Interview data’ about half-way through the paper.

I found i identified most closely with interviewee H who used their mobile device for listening to audio books, lecture, podcasts ect.  Although the interviewee did this on a phone, I use an MP3 player plugged into my car stereo for this.  I find this is a great way to make the most of the many hours driving time I have a week.

Where would you place your own use of mobile devices in comparison with those of the alumni in the paper above? I don’t mean, ‘Do you do more than them, or less?’ After all, they varied considerably. But what are the similarities and differences, and is this connected with the fact that the data for the paper was gathered in 2005?

I used mobile devises for many of the reasons mentioned in the paper although not necercarraly the same devices.  I think it is getting harder to categorise types of devices, an iPhone could be classed as an mp3  player, a phone, a pda, ect. There are also now netbooks which may or may not be classified as a mobile device depending on your definition.

Which areas would you explore if you were carrying out research into mobile practices now?

I would concentrate more of the uses of the devises than trying to categorise the type of device I think the majority of these devices are better suited for capturing evidence and information (eg, audio recordings, video and photos) rather than receiving large amounts of information on with the exception of audio content.


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