Send the message

Send the Message

This has nothing to do with my H800 course but I recently gave a Pecha Kucha style presentation entitled ‘send the message.


What is Pecha-Kucha?

Creative Commons image and content search

Word Clouds

Online Cartoon Strips

Create 3D Animated Videos

PowerPoint Games

Teaching from the back of the classroom

Illuminated text- Creative ways of using text in powerpoint

Zooming presentations


CamStudio- Free streaming Video Software

Create video presentations from Photos

Paths/Trails of websites

Create online Poster Presentations


Credits for Creative Commons Images taken from Flickr

  • Alexander Slides by Mary Witzig
  • at slide’s end by I, Timmy
  • Ben Slides Down by jculverhouse
  • carnival @ Annandale – IMG_2210 – Carolyn, slide by Lieutenant Major Malarky..
  • Colorful Water Slide by fxp
  • Electric Slide by kretyen
  • Frances down a slide… by $ensei
  • Free Happy Auntie Sliding With Baby Nephew Creative Commons by Pink Sherbet Photography
  • Get the message Pecha Kucha
  • india on water slide by apdk
  • Just Full Of Ideas by Cayusa
  • Logo do Creative Commons by radarculture
  • Question mark by Marco Bellucci
  • rachel was afraid to go down the slide – nick started without her – _MG_2223 by sean dreilinger
  • Slide by Just Us 3
  • Slide by MikeWebkist
  • Slide by Pete Ashton
  • Slide in Parc Jarry by Humanoide
  • Slide to Nowhere 2 by Mr. Ducke.
  • slide! by dogwelder
  • Slides by spakattacks
  • Slides in Parc Jarry by Humanoide
  • Sliding dog by fd
  • Snow Slide by nep
  • Squiggle Slide by krossbow.
  • The slide was a little ho-hum by happykatie
  • Twin Slides by CarbonNYC
  • Water slide by Mogrin
  • Thank You 2007-10-11 by vernhart
  • the path by alicepopkorn

One response to “Send the message

  1. kevhickeyuk

    Damn, something went wrong and the presentation is 8 mins long when it should be 6 min 40. nots sure how that happened

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