Wks 21/22 A1 Stepping over the edge

As part of the first activity of weeks 21/22 we were asked to read a chapter of  Stepping over the edge:the implications of new technologies for education by Gráinne Conole.

This was an interesting read which I mostly agreed with.

Points included;

–          The difficulty in trying to classify web 2.0 technologies as they don’t fit older classifications, they can be used for a wider range and functions and they can often be integrated with other web 2.0 systems which changes their purpose.

–          Web 2.0 has led to a breakdown in boundries eg in applications ( google docs; word processing or wiki?) in individuals and communities (blogs/ social networks) and the roles of teachers and students.

Also particular issues for learning providers in a web 2.0 world

–          What is the role of systems provided by a learning provider when other, ofren superior systems are freely available to students  (eg email)

–          What are the quality, copyright and privacy issues related to user generated content?

–          Learners (and staff) not having the digital literate skills required to find filter and interprite information from such a wide range of sources

–          Do students learn more now through experiential interaction than guided steps?

–          Teachers have changed alo less than students with a small number of exceptions

–          Teachers lack the time and incentive to explore new technologies

–          The notion that teacher is expert and student is a receiver of information is out of date.

–          “To label it as a generational effect is too simplistic”

–          Academics often fail to see the benifits of web 2.0

–          Teachers can not be shown the benifits of web 2.0, they need to be useing it and emerserd in it to fully grasp its potential.

–          As the role of the teacher/ learning provider changes, what is it the student is actually paying for?


One response to “Wks 21/22 A1 Stepping over the edge

  1. Sheeran Zsigo

    I too agreed with most of Conole’s points and havin read your blog am thinking that the one point I hadn’t recorded on mine was the notion of what are students paying for? Given that I have considered the changing roles and the distribution of learning – a very valid point is if we aren’t able to say who is the learner and who is the teacher – then why pay and for what is it reasonable to still pay?

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