wks 21/22 A1d How has technology affected me and my organisation?

My job role is an elearning advisor for the JISC Regional Support Centre in the North West,  so technology has had a huge impact on my job and the organisation i work for, neither of which existed a decade ago.  As well as the large scale affect technology has on me and my organisation, there are a number of smaller day to day aspects I can highlight.

Protopage- Within the team we have a shared webpage which we can access and modify anywhere and gives us a collaborative area to share links to key documents, to do lists, booking calendars, contact details, etc.

Netvibes- As well as the shared webpage, I also have a similar personalised web page created using net vibes which includes, news feeds, email  and updates from blogs I am following.

Google Docs-   Although we still use MS office, we also use google docs for collaborative documents.

Google calendar- We use MS outlook for our calendar, however I have set this up to synchronise with a google calendar account.  I can access this easier than my outlook calendar, and can share a summary of the calendar with others which makes it easier to arrange times for meetings.

Presentations-  I often use flickr images for presentations and workshops.  This allows me to be flexible and non-linier when discussing  topics, as opposed to powerpoint.

Communication- email is a key communication device but we also make use of skype and twitter.


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