wks 21-22 A3a: 2009 Horizon report

Notes on the 2009 Horizon report

For this activity we were introduced to the Horizon report in which a collaboration of authours predict emerging technologies which will have an impact on teaching learning research or creative expression in the 1 year,  2-3 years and 4-5 years.  I am impressed with the report and agree with the technologies focused on;

1 year – Mobiles and cloud computing
Mobiles are being used more and more in education. The Molenet funding has had a lot to do with this in the UK FE Sector as learning providers are making use of the technologies that many students already have available.

Although cloud computing has great potential, there seems to be some resistance to move too fast towards widescale implementation.  This may be due to major software suppliers such as microsoft still being at the early stages of rolling out successful cloud computing technologies.

Years 2/3 – Geo-everything and the personal web

The development of geo-everything technologies is linked to the development of mobile devices such as smart phones, pdas, and cameras which can identify their location and the location of information captured on these devices. The potential uses for these technologies is still being developed by organisations such as  Mobile Radicals.

A growing number of web services (netvibes, pageflakes, protopage, igoogle) allow individuals to create personal web spaces that draws information in from other sources. On top of this increased personalisation of other web services, such as search engines which only search through specified websites, are increasing the way the web can be customised for individuals

Years 4/5 Semantic-Aware Applications and Smart objects


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