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H808 Core Activity 2.2: Reflection

The experience of working as a team to complete a table reviewing various publications regarding ePortfolios was a relatively positive one. As a team we formed a plan using the Moodle forum and used a wiki page to decide who was going to focus on which publication, before completeing the table on the wiki along with a summary of the publication.  The hardest aspect of this activity for me was trying to get useful information out of the EiFEL website which I felt was more about promoting events than being a clear source of information on eportfolios.

Relating the activity to the Framework for Personal and Professional Development, I would say the activity addressed the following criteria;

Proactivity- as we worked as a team to plan and carry out the activity

Critique- as we had to review and summarise the publications

Reflection- What I am doing with this blog post

Communication Related Competencies- Working together via the forum and Wiki

Technology Related Competencies – Working with the Wiki

Practice Related Competencies- Gaining an understanding of ePortfolios and their different uses


What is an eportfolio?

I am currently researching eportfolios as part of the #H808.  In my professional life as an elearning advisor I have vowed never to use the word eportfolio on its own. This is because the same word is used for very different types of system.  Instead I use the following terms which I hope we will get to acknowledge and understand more as the course progresses;

Assesment ePortfolio
An ePortfolio used to record the evidence required for the completion of a course.

This type of ePortfolio is likely to be relatively structured with a clear criteria in order to meet the requirements of the awarding body. It is likely to require clear cross referencing of evidence to a specified set of standards, and be available to internal and external assessors.

Examples include envq and paperfree

Reflective eportfolio

An ePortfolio used to record and reflect upon an individual’s experience.

This could be a learners experience of a specific course, or it could be an individual’s reflection of their continued professional development . As well as evidence of what the individual has achieved, this type of ePortfolio may contain reflections, thoughts and plans in the form of blogs, notes and action plans. The individual may be able to share these with others who could add additional comments.

Presentation ePortfolio

An ePortfolio used to present the work of a group or individual.

Many ePortfolio systems include some form of CV or résumé feature which are used to present the achievements of an individual to potential employers or learning providers.

Media and Arts courses may have an online presence where examples of students work can be viewed by the public. These can be in the form of a specially designed website or as a presence on an existing site such as MySpace.

As well as giving learners the opportunity to show their work to a wider audience, these eportfolios can lead to an increased number of applications for the course.

Maybe there is a Net Generation, and they have a tail.

After being resistant to any idea of digital native/google generation/net generation throughout the H800 course I am now startting to think there is a new generation, but it is not necerceraly the  same as the ones proposed by Prensky and others.

I have decided to blog about this in my other, more work related blog, so if you are interested, please click here

FirstClass, it wasn’t

One thing to comment on about the new H808 course is that it uses moodle forums which I can subscribe to, as opposed to the clunky first class system which  I never really got the hang of.  Now all forum posts can come directly to my personal email system.

H808 Wk 1 Act 1.4 Your first impressions.

I am a few days into my new course which is H808 ‘The eLearning Professional’ possibly too early to give too much of a first impression especially as I am also distracted with my ECA for my H800 course which I am trying to get out of the way.  I am quite relived that I am not the only one  in my tutor group to be in this position.

So far we have listened to and commented on reflections on the term ‘elearning professional’ As I have already commented in the tutor group, I was concerned that other definitions of elearning seemed to only revolve around online and distance learning (understandable as the course is part of the wider MA in Online and Distance education) .

I also had a different understanding of the term professional.  In my mind an elearning professional is anyone who gets paid for working  within the field of technology enhaced learning.  Although the various reflections talk about codes of practice and ethics, I currently feel that following these makes someone a GOOD  elearning professional. I’m not sure how well I am explaining my position.

I am sure I will be able to put things in perspective more as the course progresses (and once I get the H800 out of the way)