H808 Wk 1 Act 1.4 Your first impressions.

I am a few days into my new course which is H808 ‘The eLearning Professional’ possibly too early to give too much of a first impression especially as I am also distracted with my ECA for my H800 course which I am trying to get out of the way.  I am quite relived that I am not the only one  in my tutor group to be in this position.

So far we have listened to and commented on reflections on the term ‘elearning professional’ As I have already commented in the tutor group, I was concerned that other definitions of elearning seemed to only revolve around online and distance learning (understandable as the course is part of the wider MA in Online and Distance education) .

I also had a different understanding of the term professional.  In my mind an elearning professional is anyone who gets paid for working  within the field of technology enhaced learning.  Although the various reflections talk about codes of practice and ethics, I currently feel that following these makes someone a GOOD  elearning professional. I’m not sure how well I am explaining my position.

I am sure I will be able to put things in perspective more as the course progresses (and once I get the H800 out of the way)


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