Maybe there is a Net Generation, and they have a tail.

After being resistant to any idea of digital native/google generation/net generation throughout the H800 course I am now startting to think there is a new generation, but it is not necerceraly the  same as the ones proposed by Prensky and others.

I have decided to blog about this in my other, more work related blog, so if you are interested, please click here


2 responses to “Maybe there is a Net Generation, and they have a tail.

  1. Alan Clarke


    I have met many older learners who belong to the Net generation and many young learners who are equally not part of it so one issue for me is that it is not only defined by age



  2. kevhickeyuk

    I agree that age has nothing to do with it, but I would include all the learners, no matter how old and how competant as part of this generation.

    The word generation reffers to a number of individuals, not just one generic one. I the blog post I have linked to, I try to explain that the difference between current learners and those who have come before, is that current learners expect to be able to choose how they learn no matter how niche. This includes face to face in a classroom, avater to avatar in second life and text to text on mobile devices

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