H808 Core Activity 2.2: Reflection

The experience of working as a team to complete a table reviewing various publications regarding ePortfolios was a relatively positive one. As a team we formed a plan using the Moodle forum and used a wiki page to decide who was going to focus on which publication, before completeing the table on the wiki along with a summary of the publication.  The hardest aspect of this activity for me was trying to get useful information out of the EiFEL website which I felt was more about promoting events than being a clear source of information on eportfolios.

Relating the activity to the Framework for Personal and Professional Development, I would say the activity addressed the following criteria;

Proactivity- as we worked as a team to plan and carry out the activity

Critique- as we had to review and summarise the publications

Reflection- What I am doing with this blog post

Communication Related Competencies- Working together via the forum and Wiki

Technology Related Competencies – Working with the Wiki

Practice Related Competencies- Gaining an understanding of ePortfolios and their different uses


One response to “H808 Core Activity 2.2: Reflection

  1. Hi

    I know the Eifel folks so I will pass on your comments.

    You might like to consider what you would do differently or the same next time you are involved in a collaborative task?

    Best Wishes


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