Core activity 2.4: Reflection and learning

For this activity I read ‘PDP working paper 4: reflection in higher education learning’ & ‘Guide for busy academics no. 4: learning through reflection’ by Moon and ‘Should student learning journals be assessed?’ by Crème

While reflecting on reflection I have asked myself the question ‘Is reflection an individual or shared activity?’.  This is not really covered in these papers, but i think might be generally assumed that reflection is an internal, individual process.  For me this is not really the case as I reflect better when telling and discussing with someone my experience or what I have learned.  This is why I feel a blog is such a good tool for reflection as it provides individuals with the opportunity to reflect and alow for comments and contributions from others.  When I completed my PGCE I had to keep a log of 30 hours of teaching experiences.  This was only seen by myself and my tutor, which I felt was a real waste as I wanted to follow and reflect on the experiences of others on my course, and for them to reflect on my experiences.  Anyway this is all a tangent and not answering the questions I am supposed to answer for this activity.

Crème discussed the thorny issue of assessing reflections highlighting questions such as;

–          “How can anyone asses whats in my head?”

–          Why should anyone be made to reflect if they are not being assessed on it

–          How can assesors be expected to keep up with a potential avalanche of reflections

–          How do you assess a reflection in which the learner admits that they don’t understand something?

–          Will learners write what they think the tutor what’s them to write rather than an honest reflection? How much does this matter?

–          If reflection is not assessed does this mean it is not recognised and valued by the learning provider?

On the H808 we are encouraged to reflect thoughout the course through blogs and eportfolio postings.  These are not assessed individually, however we are encouraged to refer to them in a reflective commentry in which we write an account of personal and professional development throughout the course.   This reflective commentary can be seen as a way of answering some of the questions above.  Although it does not asses what’s “in my head” while writing the individual reflections, and does not require the tutor to give full feedback on everything that I write, it does require evidence of how my reflections and ideas have developed.

I suppose  the reflective commentary could be seen as reflecting on the reflections, which for this particular course would  mean reflecting on the reflections about reflection.  I think I had better stop there before i give myself a headache.


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