Core Activity 3.1 eportfolio table

For this activity I have created a table of eportfolio systems and their features.

The systems I have chosen are;

  • eNVQ
  • PaperFree
  • Mahara
  • MyStuff
  • Pebblepad
  • Learning Assistant
  • NVQ Now
  • One File
  • SkilSure
  • Skill Wise
  • Myspace

The features I have chosen to list and compare are;

  • Website
  • Primary Purpose; Reflective, Assessment or Presentation
  • Cost
  • Endorsed by awarding body
  • Life Long
  • Offline Mode
  • Hosted by..
  • Multiple levels of access
  • Accessable on mobile devices
  • Support avalable
  • Case Study/Further Information

The majority of the systems I have chosen are assessment systems for specific qualifications such as NVQ.  This is because there seem to be a large number of these systems available and they are often overlooked when discussing eportfolios.

The features I have chosen are based on my experiences of what learning providers want to know when choosing a system. I have done my best to get as much information as I could from the websites, but I can’t guarantee that the table is completely correct.  Please let me know if you spot any errors.

The table is too big for this blog so if you are interested please use the following link


One response to “Core Activity 3.1 eportfolio table

  1. Alan Clarke

    Hi Kev

    I am pleased that you have looked at some specific systems – you are quite right they are often overlooked and in my experience are widely used.



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