Core activity 4.1: Multimedia as evidence

I have decided to use ipadio to record an audio message.  Once you create an account at ipadio account you can phone the number and record your message.  once you hang up the message will automaticly be avalavle on the ipadio website as an mp3 file.

So far I have been using Google docs as my eportfolio system, however this activity really highlights its limitations as it can only cope with the following formats;

Documents (up to 500 KB of text)

  • HTML files and plain text (.txt).
  • Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Rich Text (.rtf), OpenDocument Text (.odt) and StarOffice (.sxw).

Presentations (up to 10 MB)

  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps).

Spreadsheets (up to 1 MB)

  • Comma Separated Value (.csv).
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx) files and OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods).

PDF Files (up to 10MB)

Evidence which is on another website, such as contributions to online forums, blogs or wikis, could be copy and pasted into a google doc as text, a screen shot or a hyperlink.

One system I use allot is Evernote.  I hadn’t mentioned it before as I hadn’t thought of it as an eportfolio, but this activity has made me change my mind.

This is a powerful tool system which is difficult to explain but i’ll have ago.  Using a plug in on your browser you can clip a web page or part of a web page to your evernote account.  Using a downloadable evernote application you can add files including documents, pdfs, images and sound files  You can also type notes directly into the system.


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