Supplementary Activity 4.2- capturing handwritten notes & audio

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Notes and informal reflections written by hand

There are a few devices which capture hand written material digitally.  These include Digital Notepads in which you clip a normal writing pad onto a special clip board. You can then link the clip board to a computer and download everything that was written on the paper.

For a how to guide please follow the following link to see a video I created last year

Alternatively you could take a photo of any handwritten notes, many mobile phone cameras have a document setting which is useful for this.  The photo could then be added to your eportfolio

Extracts from audio presentations

  • ipadio (notes by Kev Hickey)

iPadio is a useful site for creating an publishing podcasts from your mobile phone.  Here is a quick how to guide

How to create a podcast using a mobile phone and ipadio

1.       Create an account at

2.       Specify which phone number you will be calling from.

3.       Make a note of the ipadio phone number and pin number.

4.       Call ipadio and enter your pin

5.       Record your podcast and hang up

6.       Log in to ipadio to find your recording available as;

A downloadable mp3 file

An embeddable audio player

A permalink where others can download the file

An RSS feed which is updated everytime you record a new podcast.

An automaticly transcribed peice of text (although this will probely need to be reviewed, edited and corrected)


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