Core activity 5.1: The elearning world

eLearning focus in different parts of the world.

The eLearning Guild is a community of practice for designers, developers, and managers of e-Learning. It is based in America and a recent conference focused on the following areas;

  • Mobile Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Gaming for learning

The elearning Africa conference in Zambia is focusing on the following solutions and technical innovations;

  • Open Source Solutions
  • Open Content and Open Educational Resources
  • Technical access and networking Models
    • Computing Models
    • Multi User Computing Models
    • Low Cost Connectivity Solutions
    • Mobile Solutions
  • Environment & Climate Change
  • Power and Alternative Energy Solutions

The Australian Learning Technologies Conference 2009 has the theme “the power of you” and topics include;

–          Virtual worlds

–          Mobile learning

–          Wikis

–          Open Learning environments

–          Eportfolios

The second international conference of elearning is to be held in Malaysia and has the theme “Go online, Go Mobile”

The 2009 JISC Conference in Edinburgh had the theme of Opening Digital Doors.

Topics included

–          Access & Identity

–          Admissions

–          Business & Community Engagement

–          Data Services & Collections

–          Digital Repositories

–          Green ICT

–          Institutional ICT

–          Interoperability

–          Learner Experience

–          Learning & Teaching Practice

–          Learning Environments

–          Learning Resources

–          Legal & Ethical

–          Network & Infrastructure

–          Open Technologies

–          Research & Innovation

–          Web 2.0

Internationally, the key themes seem to be mobile learning, web 2.0/social software and open content.  These are all areas I have looked at thoughout other OU courses, but not, so far, on the H808


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