The nursing profession

Throughout this course I have had difficulties getting to grips with what is a profession and weather it is important to be classed a profession or not.

Today I read an article about newly qualified nurses being having to get degree level qualifications.

The article suggests that those who oppose this do not see nurses as professionals “ let them take degrees? Have a real sense of professional pride and career momentum? Perish the thought!”

Although the term “the nursing profession” has been around for some time, maybe there is a feeling that it isn’t a real profession at all.  The article suggests that the air of professionalism that comes with requiring a degree will give nurses power to move away from their domestic drudgeries

Are teachers required to scrub their classrooms before a lesson? Do ministers push vacuum cleaners around after cabinet meetings? Why then are we institutionally opposed to the idea of nurses concentrating on nursing and not wasting their training by becoming jumped up “housewives of the ward”?

This article has given me more understanding about the importance of being in a qualified career, however it doesn’t really help me much with the definition of profession, as I thought nursing was always recognised as a profession.


One response to “The nursing profession

  1. kevhickeyuk

    It has been pointed out to me that this links to the gender bias in described by Warrior. Traditionally Doctor = Male = Professional and Nurse = Female = Non professional

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