Core activity 7.1: Professional values

For this activity I will be reviewing and  comparing the professional values  of  CMALT, The Institute for learning (IFL) (, The Institute for IT Training (IITT) ( a number of other unrelated professional bodies including  the Royal College of Nursing (RCN)( ).  The Values of CMALT revolve around learning technology although similar values are reflected in other organisations.  An example is the commitment to keep up to date with new technologies. This commitment is similar to the expectation of the IITT members to  ‘Seek continual improvements in their professional performance ‘ and the belief that the IFL has that members will ‘Continually develop their expertise, individually and within communities of practice’.   The value CMALT has  of “empathy with and willingness to learn from colleagues from different

backgrounds and specialism’s.” could be seen as a nod towards inclusivity which is implicit in the values of the RCN and the IFL.

The values of CMALT do not include specific details on the quality of work in the same way as the Royal Academy of Engineering who specify Accuracy and Rigour.  The quality of work is highlighted by the Institute for learning under the heading of professionalism “We believe our members strive for excellence in teaching and learning, and high levels of subject or vocational expertise” .  On the subject of professionalism the IITT code of conduct specifies that  members “Avoid any activity or conduct which may jeopardise the good reputation of their profession”.

My own professional values;

As an eLearning Professional, I am committed to;

–          Maintaining an up to date  working knowledge of new technologies and pedagogical principles

–          Supporting early adopters in pioneering  new developments,  and late developers in making the most out of elearning.

–          Being open to new ideas

–          Sharing ideas with others and providing opportunities for practitioners to learn from each other.


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