Core activity 7.2: Professional learning

For this activity we looked at 2 different ways of looking at Continuing professional development (CPD) which can in some ways be summerised by the tables of Clegg and Dealtry shown above.  I have to admit I found both papers a bit of a struggle.  This is because I didn’t feel as though either of them really reflected my own experiences.  I could see how they would work for teaching practiononers, but not as much for my own role as an elearning advisor, but I will have a go.

As far as CPD relating to my job is considered in relation to Clegg I guess the majority of my learning falls into category C, Action following reflection does not happen because there is no immediate opportunity to put anything into practice.  This is my job is so diverse and allot of what I learn is for the purpose of advising the learners I support, so when I learn something new it is rarely appropriate or possible to put it into practice immediately.

Deltry’s  table made me think about CPD in terms of learning from conferences.  I attend several conferences and events and for me they generally fit into the Familiar, Familiar category A, however I recently attended an online conference which I found really useful.  This was a combination of B, a familiar task in an unfamiliar environment, and D an unfamiliar learning experience in an unfamiliar environment


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