learning a new technology part 1

For this activity we have to learn a new technology.  The exact details of what we have to demonstrate are listed below (taken from the course website)

The evidence of technology-related competency you produce needs to demonstrate the ability to:

  • learn about using a new piece of software or a new technology
  • appreciate some key features as they relate to your own educational practice or context
  • identify potential issues for other users.

The suggested activity involves creating a podcast but as I already produce a monthly podcast this wouldn’t be an example of me learning something new.

I am trying to think of something new to learn and have come up with the following ideas from Jane’s elearning pick of the day and the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, top tools for learning.  Both fantastic website for coming up with ideas.

Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio contains three powerful yet easy-to-use products – Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker, each of which can be purchased separately. These three tools are rapidly becoming the de facto standard tools for creating rapid, interactive learning content.  Relatively expensive but available as a 30 day free trial

Lectora is a powerful authoring tool.  It provides users with a comprehensive authoring environment for creating and delivering custom interactive multimedia content. Very expensive but free trial

Udutu Course authoring software that lets you build a course very quickly and easily online either on your own or collaboratively with others. You can easily import existing content, e.g. PowerPoint presentations.

Comic Life lets you create astounding comics, beautiful picture albums, how-tos… and more!  The easy-to-use interface integrates seamlessly with your photo collection. Drag in your pictures, captions, Lettering text (‘ka-blam!‘) and speech balloons and your work is done! Less than $30 for the full version.

I think I will choose Comic Life as it is cheap enough for me to continue to use after the free trial and it is something genuinely different, where as the other products seem to be variations of the same thing.

I have also asked my friends on twitter for the best new technology of 2009 as this may provide some new ideas.


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